Chewigem Pencil Case

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We understand how important it is for our children to fit in and that wearable items are not for everyone, so we had this genius idea and worked with the National Autistic society (UK) to develop our idea into reality. This is perfect for the school or even work setting.

Our mission on creating this was to make it as real looking as possible, so it can be sat on a desk and no one would bat an eyelid! At the same time shape, strength and texture were considered to ensure a good chewing experience.

Included in this set is the pencil case itself, which makes an awesome fidget in its own right.. the bumps on it work like bubble wrap and can be pressed in and out.

A clear ruler with measurements

A matching protractor.

A chunky eraser (note it dos not actually rub anything out)

A black calculator

IMPORTANT – the ruler and protractor are not real but have accuracy to about 5% – The calculator is not a functioning calculator.

20 x 10 cm